The hot rumour coming out before ‘D23 Expo’ even kicks off this Friday is that an announcement is to be made regarding a brand new Star Wars Land expansion to on of Disney’s parks.  But which park?  Or indeed parks?  

Well, according to the rumours it will be Disneyland which will see the George Lucas mega-franchsie incorporated into its surroundings.  Disney has been buying up some land recently around the Anaheim park and it has been suggested that this along with an area at the top of the current park willbe developed.  According to the rumour the site will host several rides and attractions.

So what about Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World in Orlando?  Well it’s an open secret that Disney have discussed this in the past.  Perhaps Disney will go all out and finally annouce Star Wars Land in both California and Florida.  We all know Disney World can’t use the Marvel franchise for attractions due to the license agreement in place with Universal, so Star Wars would seem an obvious, and equally lucrative, option.

There is of course the huge unresolved issue over what will become of Disney’s Hollywood Studio in Orlando.  Disney CEO Bob Iger has publicy addmited that it will be getting another name change at some point and perhaps D23 Expo will be the platform to annouce it…along with Star Wars Land being incorporated into Disney World’s third park.

Whether Disney annouce one, or two, Star Wars Lands it is absolutely crucial that it becomes an immersive experience, on par with or bettering, Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  With Avatar Land taking shape at Animal Kingdom and a possible Star Wars Land the potential improvements to Disney’s third and fourth parks in Florida is extrememly exciting.

One thing is certain D23 Expo is going to be very exciting!